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Bank Holiday Closures







Summer closure 

Closed from 24th re-open 1st September


Christmas closure


Closed from Wednesday 23rd December, and we will reopen Monday 4th January


TOP 20 Nursery AWARD 2019

We are so excited to be recognised as one of the top 20 Nurseries in the UK with  We are so grateful for being able to offer high quality childcare to all our wonderful families past and present, and are very thankful to everyone who has kindly taken the time to leave reviews on the day nursery web site.  All our staff go above and beyond their job role, and each and every one including the staff behind the scenes are grateful for all your kind words.  Thank you all.  We will continue to provide the highest possible childcare and as always, welcome and suggestions that any parent/carer may have. 

Quality of Care Report 2017

Quality of Care Report 2020
Have a look at our Quality of Care Report for 2020. This document is designed to inform you of everything we do in our business as well as some parent and staff feedback from our annual service review.
Little Angels Nursery Quality report 202
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CIW Inspection Reports