Little Angels works with an outside caterer and the community food dietitian to provide hot meals, puddings and afternoon snacks for the children.


This fully working partnership will ensure that the meals provided are catered specifically for nursery aged children and follow the most up-to-date and recommended guidelines on food and nutrition. 


The menu's are based upon a rolling four week menu to ensure a varied and balanced diet for the children. Vegetarian options are also available and we can cater for various dietary requirements.

We are able to liquidise food for young babies and mash food where necessary to the correct consistency your child is used to.

Lunchtime Menu


All meat is subsidized with Quorn as the vegetarian option.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week One

Spaghetti Bolognaise 


Roast Chicken, baby Potatoes, Vegetables



Potato & Bacon Pie, mash and baked beans


Sweet n sour pork

with rice 


Fish fingers, chips, and peas
Week Two



 Chicken casserole, baby/boiled potatoes and vegetables


Cottage pie with vegetables


Fish cakes, chips and baked beans


Roast Turkey,

roast potatoes and vegetables


Savoury mince and


Week Three 



Honey roast ham,baby potatoes and baked beans


 Turkey casserole, mashed potatoes & vegetables

Chilli Con Carne with rice (mild)



Fish fingers,

chips and baked beans 

Cawl served with bread and cheese/lamb stew with mashed potato and vegetables
Week Four


Roast beef, roast potatoes and vegetables 

Chicken and ham pie, peas and new potatoes.



Lasagne with vegetables 

Mild chicken curry with rice


Quorn sausage casserole with mashed potatoes and vegetables



Vegetables will accompany every meal, from a selection of the following - cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, leek, sweetcorn, mushy peas and baked beans on some occasions




Desserts are taken from a selection of the following -

Upside down cake, semolina, rice pudding, apple/fruit crumble, yogurt,  mousse, flap jack.

There is a fruit element to every pudding, either fresh or tinned. 



Afternoon Snack Menu

Afternoon snack is selected from one of the choices below, offering a variety each week


Rice cakes,

& Fruit

Crumpets, berries & banana chunks

Cheese, crackers,

pineapple chunks & chopped grapes

Pitta pockets, hummus,

carrot & cucumber sticks

Crumpets with

butter & apple slices

Fruit medley &

natural yogurt

Bread sticks with 

cucumber, celery 

& pepper soldiers & cherry tomatoes

Cracker Wheat with

pear, apple & orange segments

Plain/cheese scones with butter

& berries & bananas


fruit & salad medley