Welcome to Little Angels Nursery

Our staff are here to welcome you to Little Angels Nursery.  We nurture and encourage all our children so that they can PlayLearn and Grow into happy, 

confident and fulfilled individuals, in a stimulating and safe homely setting.  


Arrange a visit with us and take a look around.  Call us, e-mail or send a message from our website.  We are a small nursery which means we really can work together with our parents, to provide the best personal and individual care for your child. 


We invite all parents, to see for yourself, the spacious, light and safe environment we have, filled with a warm and caring atmosphere flowing through it; meet our happy and stimulated children; our friendly and caring staff and see the range of indoor and outdoor activities available. 

Choosing the right nursery for your child can be an emotional decision.  Here at Little Angels Nursery, we understand what is important to both parents and your children.  We pride ourselves in providing a very high quality service, within a loving and safe environment, so you can feel confident and happy that your most precious little bundles of joy are safe and secure during the day.


We are regulated by the CSSIW and we meet the National Standards for safety, staffing, hygiene and care, required under the Children Act. If you would like to see our latest inspection report please go to www.csiw.wales.gov.uk  and click on the link to ‘find a care service or inspection report’.



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Click here for the latest CSSIW Inspection Report January 2015

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